Venue Management Consultation

This service is aimed at those looking to open a new wedding venue or existing wedding venues that are looking to enhance or re-define their offering.

With over 15 years in the wedding planning environment our management team also have a wealth of project management, business coaching and strategy development experience.

Irrespective of your current experience, we can offer a second set of eyes providing a helicopter top down view that it is often hard to keep when you are in the day to day operational running of your venue.

Our venue consultancy service covers a wide range of bespoke needs and while it often starts with a simple phone call or site visit we can go as in depth as you need to get your venue off the ground or to take it to the next level.

We are passionate about the wedding industry and in turn value sharing our passion, knowledge and experience with businesses to create celebrations that are truly memorable for couples and their guests, whilst maintaining focus on the basics of running a business such as achieving your financial criteria.

We aim to reply to all initial enquiries within 24 hours of receipt and offer weekday, evening and weekend appointments to accommodate busy schedules.

If you are looking to create a venue, to move your venue to the next level or are looking for a team to manage your venue and all bookings then contact us for more info.  All of our venue consultations are held in the strictest confidence and no information is ever shared.


Image: Lina + Tom