RandFWeddings & LGBTQ

Inclusion is everything, People are people and love between two consenting adults should always be a cause for celebration.

Being LGBTQ friendly is a big thing in current media and a popular topic of discussion amongst Wedding professionals as to how we can ensure the community feels welcome in our businesses

The question recently came up on how the industry could make it easier for LGBTQ couples to approach our businesses; The pretty standard answer was to advertise with perhaps a logo that you are LGBTQ friendly. Our answer and one that hit a few chords was that we envisioned a time when it actually wasn’t even a question…. Which is why you generally wont find us making a big statement or applying labels.

When all is said and done however it was clear from conversations with colleagues, friends and clients that there are sadly still equality and acceptance issues and that couples do not always feel confident about approaching a supplier without some reassurance.

We hope that with progress we do get to the point where we no longer need labels or tags or to ask the question, but until we get there here’s us saying Yes, We are ALL inclusive and LGBTQ Friendly, We have had the honour of planning LGBT weddings in the past and look forward to celebrating many more in the future.