Alex + Lynsey

Civil Ceremony & Marquee Reception, Hotel Felix, Cambridge

Myself and Lynsey first contacted Vanessa to carry out full wedding planning services for our planned wedding in Cambridge.  Following this we flew back to the UK to meet with Vanessa and start the ball rolling with deposits and booking various suppliers / venue.  Vanessa was briefed fully on our expectations and the issues we faced owing to us residing in Doha, Qatar.  Never the less she managed to organize potential suppliers and telephonic meetings with the suppliers to maintain momentum until our next trip to the UK in February when we finalised payments and final details for the day.

Upon our first meeting we felt the upmost confidence in Vanessa and her capabilities to interpret our requirements and deliver them to us in a timely manner with no issues presented by the fact that we were based abroad.  From there Vanessa went out of her way to accommodate our requests and performed above and beyond our expectations to ensure that everything was progressing in the correct manner to enable what essentially was a very complex wedding, carrying very high expectations.  This confidence allowed us to not have to return to the UK until the week before the wedding, which I certainly feel is testament to her and her calming capabilities.

Vanessa has worked to our timetable and understood that we work different working weeks and offered her own personal time to fit the difference in time zones.  I would say Vanessa came into her own on the days leading to the wedding and more so the day itself.  Vanessa had thought of everything and had organized everything we had forgotten.  Which just left it down to us to enjoy the day and the celebration of the wedding.

To be honest from my perspective she offered a very calming friendly face on what essentially was a very nerve wracking day…. and she even kept my Best Man under control!

From Lynsey’s perspective Vanessa carried out tasks on her behalf such as purchasing shoes (after scouring all branches of one particular shop in the UK) and even innersoles the day before the wedding allowing her to relax and spend time with close friends and family that she had not seen for a long time owing to our current country of residence.

All in all I could go on for hours with a list of the positive aspects of the service offered to us by Vanessa but the one thing that stood out the most for both of us was the fact that we became good friends during the process and this helped make the day go so well and be such a success.  My advice would be to hire her!

– Alex

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