Alex + Mike

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Church Service & Marquee Reception, Suffolk

I want to thank you again for the amazing job you did on the day, after coming in at short notice… just what would we have done without you??  The highest compliment I can pay you is that I didn’t notice you or the wonderful team of girlies!!  But your efforts were clear to see in the smooth running of the day.  Everything happened as planned, with a few wonderful extras!!  Although the traffic and the weather both did their level best to disrupt things, everything went pretty well like clockwork! Thank you so much for all the extra things you did that I have only found out about afterwards – driving people to the church for example!! What a stressful morning!!

It was wonderful to have someone on board who so quickly saw what we were aiming to do (even though you thought we were possibly mad!) and jumped into the fray amongst the motley crew of our friends and family to do whatever needed doing, irrespective of your planned role!  I hope you can look back on the day with fond memories of a fun day, if slightly stressful at times.  We certainly loved you being there and I really enjoyed my visits to the kitchen during the evening!  You took away so much of the stress of ensuring that our plans materialised.

I shall be spreading the word about your service. I suspect that many brides feel priced out of the wedding coordination market by the ‘Hello’ magazine ‘just leave everything to me’ image.  I’m sure many, many people in our position would be delighted to find the ‘on the day’ service and it may even convince others to have the wedding they want by doing it themselves but with the aid of a ‘safety net’.  In fact we have already been asked for your details from a neighbour of Mike’s parents and passed them on duly.