Ashleigh + Jonny

tipi wedding planner

Ashleigh and I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how thankful we are for all the work that you’ve done for us and our wedding!  Almost a year ago we decided to have a tipi wedding so we could have all of our favourite people together to enjoy a chilled out relaxed wedding with plenty to drink.  It wasn’t until we got RandFWeddings on board that our dream became a reality.  They were always on call to help with the most minute detail and endlessly went above and beyond to help us create the greatest day of our lives.  We really couldn’t have done it without you, incredible stuff!  You are genuinely the best guys around  You put up with our constant inane requests about tea bag quantities and the length of cable ties we should buy as we pulled our wedding together.  Without you the best day of our lives simply wouldn’t have happened.  You took a load of stress off of us and you were also a right laugh to deal with! Book these guys, you won’t regret it

 – Ashleigh & Jonny

Images: Meghan Lorna