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norfolk DIY barn wedding

Vanessa, and the team were such lovely people to work alongside and provided so much advice, support and fun for our wedding day that we really don’t know how we would have managed without them (answer: we wouldn’t!).

We booked Vanessa after securing our very DIY wedding venue and hadn’t even considered on the day management until we spoke with our photographers (Lina and Tom) who strongly advised booking someone. We were still unsure it was completely necessary at that point, but after meeting with Vanessa for an initial meeting we realised how much expertise they had and how much more fun it would make the wedding for us if were able to just switch off and enjoy the day. We were so grateful we booked them to handle all the suppliers, the timings of the day, the last minute queries – basically all the admin you think you can handle when it’s 9 months out, but when it’s 2 weeks out and you are stressed to the eyebrows, it is a godsend to be able to lean on someone as well connected and supremely organised as Vanessa.

What was great about it was no matter what my question or last-minute panic, Vanessa had an answer for everything. I think when you are a bride you can get very caught up in worrying about every tiny detail but it was so reassuring to have Vanessa on hand who could say ‘nah – not an issue’ or ‘yes, already sorted that’ as it meant we could enjoy the run-up to wedding day as much as possible.

On the wedding day, Vanessa, Dom and Hannah were super helpful and even constructed a bar to help us when we had no bar!! Dom was amazing handling the bar duties, which again helped us out! Vanessa was a complete maestro for the wedding day timings, everything ran like clockwork and she was amazing at getting our suppliers organised. They certainly went above and beyond what we were expecting, even staying later after the wedding finished to help us on site.

We are so, so glad we booked R & F Weddings, it was absolutely money well-spent and we had such an amazing wedding that we truly don’t think we could ever have achieved it without their assistance. Thank you so much! xxx

Charlotte & Rob

Images: Lina & Tom

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